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Instrument Valves & Fittings

Instrument Valves & Fittings

Aveng ACS supplies IBR, NON IBR Instrumentation Tube & PipeFittings, Valve Fittings, Valve Manifolds, Globe Valves, Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Air Header, CondensatePot, Air Filter Regulator, and Erection materials for Hydraulic and Pneumatic applications.

The wide applications of these products are in Power Plants, Oil & Gas Refineries, Water Treatment Plants, Steel Plants, Paper Plants, Cement Plants, Petrochemical & Fertilizer Industries and Instrumentation Industries. Pre-tested raw materials are used in the manufacture of various products, ensuring high quality and timely supply to customers. The products are tested and guaranteed as per Advanced Industrial Standards.

Instrumentation Valves – Needle Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Valve Manifolds, Check Valves

Instrumentation Fittings – Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Air Header and Syphon, Condensate Pot, Quick Release Coupling and Snubber

Erection Materials – Flanges, Tubes & Pipes, Thermowells as well as Air filter Regulators and Ermeto Fittings